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Baby Food

Malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children under 5. At least one in every two deaths among this age group is related to a nutritional deficiency. In fact, children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. You can improve child health and literally save lives with a simple $15 gift to send a poor mother as many as 100 jars of organic baby food. That’s one month of nutritious meals for a hungry baby! With this gift, a desperate mother will not have to lie awake at night, unable to console her crying child who hasn’t eaten for days. She won’t have to scavenge for scraps to keep her baby alive as she watches him waste away to skin and bones. While $14 provides 100 jars, $150 provides 1,000 jars! This Christmas, you can commemorate Jesus' humble birth by answering a needy child's cry.

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