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Christmas Catalog 2013

Through the Cross Christmas Catalog, you can give a gift that will make a lasting impact this holiday season. Here’s how it works; you select an item on the catalog and that item gets shipped to a poor family in need overseas. By choosing to give one of the items listed below, you can show the love and true meaning of Christmas to the poorest of the poor.

These items can also be given in honor of a friend or loved one in place of a traditional gift this Christmas! After your donation, you will be able to send a personalized e-card to a friend or loved one, letting them know you gave on their behalf! You’ll also have the chance to add your gift under the inner-active Cross Christmas Tree. Help us spread the love of Jesus this Christmas!

Shoes :: $5 per pair

This simple but urgently needed item is so common in America we might be tempted to underestimate its value and importance to the poor. Shoes do more than provide comfort. They often are a key to protecting a child from injury, infection and contamination. In many poor communities, scavenging is a way of life and children will play a part, combing through dangerous dumps and fields for discards. In spite of these risks, the poor consider shoes a luxury – food and medicines are usually the priority. For that reason, it is common for young siblings to take turns wearing the same pair of shoes. The day they get their turn to wear the shoes is also the day they get their turn to go to school. For these children, a lack of shoes means the lack of access to education. A lack of shoes also increases the risk of cuts and scrapes which can lead to deadly infections. Preserve the health, education and dignity of a child or adult with a basic pair of new shoes. Click here to give this gift.

Powdered Milk :: $10 feeds 100 babIes

In developing countries, fresh milk is only available to a small percentage of the population – those who are able to milk their own cows or wealthy parents who are able to buy and refrigerate fresh milk. As a result, the poor typically miss out on milk’s many nutritional benefits. Whole milk contains essential fats and vitamins, such as vitamin A and D, which are important for brain and nerve development in small children. Unfortunately, children of poor families suffer from inadequate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients, but they have no option for obtaining milk to satisfy these needs. This gift provides a solution! You can help fight malnutrition in children by sending this powdered whole milk to the poor who desperately need it. It’s easily shipped, needs no refrigeration, and can be safely stored for six months.
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Children’s Toys :: $10 per CHILD

While American children make wish lists of new toys for Christmas, their counterparts in developing countries are never so bold. Impoverished parents who struggle to feed and clothe their children have little left for luxuries like toys. Orphanages may make efficient use of charity to meet children’s daily needs, but they rely on extra generosity from outside sources to buy extras like gifts. As a result, a family or orphanage may go years without purchasing a toy. Facing this, poor children commonly make toys out of scraps – an empty beverage bottle, a discarded coat hanger, a cardboard box. Their imaginations fill in the gaps. And, in fact, having a toy isn’t what makes the biggest impression on these children; it’s the loving act of being given a new toy. That gesture conveys Christmas spirit and lets a child know he or she is treasured in spite of difficult circumstances. An orphaned or vulnerable child in a developing country will not take a new toy, or your choice of giving it, for granted. Click here to give this gift.

Children’s Religious Books :: $30 PER classroom

There’s nothing like a well-told story to bring a point home. Jesus was the ultimate storyteller. He captivated listeners with parables to impart moral truths, and two millennia later, Bible stories and stories based on biblical principles can do the same thing for our young children. The delightful children’s books provided through this Christmas catalog introduce the Gospel, teach Christian values and can help shape a child’s moral character. They introduce the Bible and its tenets, preparing children to open the Bible’s pages and grasp its concepts when they’re older. They also serve as a wonderful teaching tool and will instill a child’s love for all books, which can help build reading skills and make learning more fun – an ideal outcome since these books are distributed through school classrooms throughout the developing world. By giving a gift of religious books, you can help poor children build a solid moral foundation, and take part in developing their faith at an early age. Click here to give this gift.

Gummy Vitamins :: $50 per CLASSROOM FOR ONE MONTH

Poor families in developing countries often survive on starchy foods such as rice, cornmeal, or root vegetables like potatoes, because most are not able to raise the livestock or develop the large gardens needed to produce a well-rounded diet. Cheap foods or the fruits from local trees and vines are their only option, and neither of these sources effectively fulfills their dietary needs. Lack of some vitamins can even lead to blindness or other debilitating hardships in an otherwise healthy child. As a result, malnutrition hinders young bodies and brains from developing to their full potential, and it prevents adults from performing at their peak. You can help prevent this tragedy with a gift of Gummy Vitamins. These Gummy Vitamins will be sent to partners around the world who care for the health and nutritional needs of the poor in their communities. They will distribute them to the children who need them most.
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Seeds :: $10 PER FAMILY

While the Lord provides rain, soil and sunshine, a farmer needs seed to make those blessings productive. However, people living in poverty rarely have access to fruit and vegetable seeds. When seeds are available families will often cultivate small gardens in order to produce vegetables and grains to eat and to sell. Even in urban areas, poor families will often set up rooftop container gardens to meet their needs. The food grown in these tiny family gardens makes a double impact on the family blessed with seeds. First, the fresh vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals – nutrition poor families desperately need. Second, a properly planned harvest will yield items that can be sold at the local village or marketplace. The resulting income can help raise a family’s standard of living so they are able to pay for other necessities such as shoes, clothes or school fees. Your gift of a starter supply of seeds will boost a family’s well-being for many harvest moons. Click here to give this gift.

Over The Counter Medicines :: $25 FOR ONE MONTH PER FAMILY

In America we take the availability of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for granted. The remedies we need to reduce pain, lower fever, cure an upset stomach or prevent a cut from becoming infected are easily found at any nearby drugstore. In developing countries, medicines are far more difficult to obtain. Sources are few and far between, and there is no guarantee that a clinic or dispensary will be stocked with the medicine an ailing person needs. Some places only get in supplies occasionally. At other times, the shelves are bare. Even if a store is close and well stocked, the cost of the medicine is often out of reach to the very poor. In these cases, Christian medical outreaches are the answer. Your Christmas gift can provide a handy packet of much-needed OTC medicine to a poor family through one of our many international ministry partners. Click here to give this gift.

Personal Care Kits :: $10 PER KIT

How do you safely wash hands before preparing food when you have no soap? How do you prevent dental problems when there is nothing available in your home to brush your teeth? How would you react if you were asked to live months on end without soap and shampoo, a toothbrush and toothpaste, or a razor and shaving cream? This is day-to-day reality for many people living in poverty. By providing the poor with personal care kits, you are giving them dignity and helping children and families protect themselves — and others — from illness. Kits include a washcloth, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, and antibacterial soap. Adult kits also contain a twin-blade razor and shaving cream. Your gift of Personal Care Kits to the poor can aid in hygiene, preventing illness and even death. It’s a simple gift, but one that will have an important impact in communities blessed by your generosity. Click here to give this gift.


You may not be able to keep 925 million people around the world from going hungry; but by sponsoring the shipment of Vitafood, you can help us in our battle to fight malnutrition one classroom of children at a time. Vitafood meals are nutrient-rich and scientifically packets designed to meet the dietary needs of chronically malnourished children. The meals are sealed in airtight pouches to maximize shelf-life and fit as many as possible in a shipping container. Vitafood is generously donated to Cross Catholic Outreach and hand-packed by volunteers. Your gift provides the funds needed to ship the meals to ministry partners around the world who are feeding malnourished children in their communities. Sponsoring the shipment of Vitafood helps sustain Christian feeding programs the poor rely on for survival. It also opens doors for our ministry partners to share the Gospel. Your gift can help rescue the poor from the crippling effects of malnutrition, while impacting their lives with the message of Christ’s love. Click here to give this gift.

Animals :: $100 per family

Through our in-country animal husbandry programs, you can provide live-stock to families living in poverty. Families will be given chickens, a goat, or a pig, based on their specific need. Chickens provide a family with eggs, goats provide a steady supply of milk, and pigs provide an abundant supply of meat. All of which can be consumed by the family, sold for income, or both. These animals also provide offspring that can be raised and sold, helping these families break the cycle of poverty. This project also impacts others living in the same community. The offspring of donated animals can be passed along to other needy families as a project matures. Your gift sponsors the local purchase of the first animals a family needs to start generating income and building a better future. Click here to give this gift.

Greatest need (general fund) :: ANY AMOUNT Helps

Your Christmas gift to our greatest need is the most valuable gift of all! This gift goes to work where the most urgent and desperate needs arise; needs that otherwise would go unmet. In years past, the fund allowed us to quickly repair a generator so that an orphanage had lights for the children at night. On another occasion, it helped us replace a remote clinic’s ambulance after their vehicle tragically tumbled down a rural mountainside. It has provided emergency supplies to disaster areas around the globe, and emergency food and medicines in times of hardship. This fund has also kept critical programs from shutting down due to unforeseen funding gaps, enabling our partners to remain instruments of God’s mercy in the poorest communities. Your gift will help pastors and missionaries keep ministering to the poorest of the poor around the world. Click here to give this gift.


Every night millions of children around the world go to sleep without a mommy or a daddy. These precious little ones have lost one or both parents to the world wide AIDS pandemic or another illness or tragedy. This loss leaves children with a lack of security, loving parents, a safe home, or daily meals, but you can help change that. Here at Cross Catholic Outreach we partner with pastors and missionaries who care for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Your gift will not only allow them to better care for the physical needs of these children, but it will also help empower their spiritual outreaches as well. Through this ministry, you can let struggling children know that Jesus loves them and he will never leave or forsake them. Your gift will extend Christ’s arms to feed, clothe, shelter, educate and hug needy children. Click here to give this gift.

Philippines Disaster Relief :: ANY AMOUNT Helps

When Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, thousands of precious lives were lost and more than a million homes were destroyed. Fortunately, Cross Catholic Outreach was able to make an immediate response through our partners in the Philippines, distributing nutritional meals within days of the storm and mobilizing a shipment of medicines and medical supplies to help the hardest hit victims. But this relief effort will continue for months – possibly years – and we’re in it for the long haul. This Christmas, your gift to our Philippines Recovery Fund will help Cross begin critical rebuilding efforts in the worst hit areas. It will also allow us to supply our partners with more food and supplies. There has been an incredible amount of damage and devastation, but this Christmas, you can help us send hope where it is needed most. You can be a beacon of light to our brothers and sister in the Philippines. There is no better way to lift up the mercy of Jesus this Christmas season – and no more powerful way to celebrate His birth. Click here to give this gift.

We meticulously honor the intent of our donors. 100% of all proceeds are restricted for the specific project for which they are raised. In the rare event that more funds are received than are required for a specific project, the additional funds will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the poor.

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