Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


2015 Housing Facts:

Houses constructed:
At least 232

Houses repaired:

Women’s shelters supported:

Grants provided to:
24 projects in 10 countries 

Construction supplies shipped to: 5 partners in 4 countries

Rainbow Network Housing - Project 1182 - Nicaragua
Our Impact

Thanks to contributions from Cross Catholic Outreach benefactors, poor Nicaraguan families have been moved from crude, unsanitary living conditions to safe, sturdy new homes as a result of our partner Rainbow Network’s work in the village of San Isidro, Nicaragua. Each family was presented with a Spanish language Bible along with the keys to their new home, which was constructed of concrete walls and a galvanized steel roof. Because of this project, these families no longer have to endure the rain coming through their walls or worry that their dwellings may collapse on them at any moment. 


With a safe home to call their own, a poor family gains a solid foundation for building a brighter future. It only takes a few thousand dollars for Cross Catholic Outreach to build simple, sturdy home for a poor family, dramatically improving their standard of living. These donor-sponsored houses replace rickety shanties, patched together from scraps of metal, tarp and cardboard. In many cases, the beneficiaries contribute “sweat equity” to the project. This labor creates a sense of ownership over — and responsibility for — the new homes. The houses our ministry partners build are a permanent testimony to God’s provision and the Christ-like compassion of our benefactors. 

In 2015, Cross Catholic Outreach provided houses and other safe living accommodations for needy families through 24 projects in 10 countries. Those efforts included a collaboration with the Kobonal Haiti Mission to build 80 houses in central Haiti, and a partnership with Rainbow Network in San Isidro, Nicaragua, to provide the poor with sturdy, concrete homes. 

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