Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


Fr. Antony is a missionary priest who hails from South
India and the diocese of Tiruchirappalli.  He was ordained April 23, 1985 and served as Associate pastoral care Director, Pastor, School Administrator, and Principal in his Diocese until 1993. Thereafter he came to the United States, completing his Master's degree in Special Education at Manhattan College, Bronx, New York.  While serving as associate pastor at St. Dominic Church, he began preaching for the poor around the world.

At present, he is serving at St. Gabriel Church, Bronx, New York. He has traveled to Central America among others and has tremendous passion towards the poor and the needy as he personally supports projects in India in the areas of children's education, elderly care and the provision of resources for Micro credit programs for the women in India.

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