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Cross Catholic Outreach Poised to Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims
The Donations will help provide emergency aid to the Philippines

Boca Raton, Florida (Friday, November 8, 2013) —Cross Catholic Outreach, a Catholic non-profit relief and development organization headquartered in Florida, is launching a relief effort for the poor of the Philippines using its network of parishes and mission partners there as a cost-effective distribution system.  The effort began with the routing of a multi-million dollar shipment of medicines, nutritional supplements and other resources to the area, and it will continue with an extensive outreach to those most impacted by high winds and flooding.

“We happened to have a large container of resources stationed in the area, so we will now route that to our Philippines partner for distribution to the poor who were affected,” explained Jim Cavnar, President of Cross Catholic Outreach.  “Those goods were safe in a nearby port during the storm, but we can move them along as soon as the seas are safe for shipping.”

According to Cavnar, contact has also been made with partners “in the trenches” who will be wired funds for mobilizing local outreaches.

“Some of our mission partners will be dealing with damage to their own facilities for the next few weeks, but others have weathered the storm and are poised to organize outreaches to the poor and to serve as distribution outlets for our resources. Our priorities will include providing medical assistance and helping areas where victims have sustained damage from high winds and flooding,” he said.

The severe storm has impacted different parts of the Philippines differently.  Some areas only experienced tropical storm conditions and minor damage, but populations directly in the path of the storm have been slammed by devastating winds and flooding.  Where this impact was worst, houses were destroyed and food and water supplies will be affected, Cavnar said.   

“Since shipments of goods to the distant location are likely to take many weeks to arrive, it is urgent that funds be collected for the relief effort,” Cavnar said.  “Those funds will give our parish and mission partners the flexibility to meet the specific needs of the victims with suitable and effective aid.”

Anyone  interested in donating to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan can do so at: or by calling a toll-free emergency relief line: 866-372-2733.  As always, financial gifts are tax deductible and will be used to effectively reach those who need help most.


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