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Community sanitation systems constructed:
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12 projects in 6 countries

Lodwar Water - Project 1086 - Kenya

Our Impact

The drought-like conditions in northwest Kenya are a grave threat to poor Turkana tribespeople who need water for their livestock and their own survival. When the Society of Missionaries to Africa in the Diocese of Lodwar told the Turkana about their plan to bring clean, abundant water out of the ground where no water had ever been seen before, they could hardly believe it. But village by village, the priests convinced them all things were possible with God. Last year, with help from Cross Catholic Outreach, this offer was extended to the villages of Lopeduru, Ngikorikippi and Lochor Alomala. Now, all three boreholes have been drilled, the solar-powered pumps are installed and the pipes have been laid to connect the supply to multiple access points — potentially saving lives!

Cross Catholic Outreach relieves chronic dehydration and fights waterborne illness by providing abundant, clean water sources in impoverished communities. 

The poor typically spend hours fetching dirty water from contaminated sources.  Thanks to Cross Catholic projects, families we helped could turn on a tap in their yard or walk to their neighborhood pump-operated well for clean, safe water. As a result, children have the time to go to school, and mothers can focus on other needs of their families. 

In 2015, we funded water and sanitation projects in six countries. One of these — a project in the Diocese of Lodwar, Kenya — drilled for water in areas threatened by drought-like conditions. Another project in Nicaragua involved the installation of solar-powered water systems to bring clean, abundant water to the doorsteps of poor village families. 

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