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2015 Medical Facts:

Health outreach programs supported with grants:

Medical procedures provided:

Therapeutic feeding centers supported:

Medical supplies shipped to:
10 partners

Total countries served:

Value of shipped goods:
About $250 million

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) Health Care - Project 0611 - Vietnam

Our Impact

Sister Agnes Tran Thi Phu and Sister Nai Thuan are nurses who are filling a critical gap in Vietnam’s medical care system. Poor ethnic minorities in the country’s Central Highlands have often been blocked from getting treatment, due to a combination of ethnic prejudice, poverty, red tape and the language barrier. The FMM sisters reach out to patients at a local hospital, or receive them at their own facility, and make all the arrangements to connect them with the specialized care they need. In 2015, Cross Catholic Outreach covered the salaries for both nurses, plus the cost of medicine, medical care, transportation, and room and board for patients.


In 2015, Cross Catholic Outreach met the medical needs of the poor in 19 countries. Our efforts focused on providing life-saving medications and supplies typically unavailable to the very poor. By funding free health clinics and by shipping key medicines to the poor in remote regions, we are able to reduce infant mortality, prevent or treat life-threating diseases, and respond to accidents and injuries before lives are lost. We believe life is a priceless gift worth protecting, and we support the Catholic Church’s important mission to that end. 

For example, in Kenya we continued our support of the St. Raphael Maternity Ward, which we helped build in 2009. It serves as a critical source of care to poor mothers and infants who might otherwise suffer or perish. In Vietnam, we helped the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary tend to the medical needs of poor local families who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment. 


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