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SMA Fathers’ Vocational & Technical College - Project 1202 - Kenya 
Our Impact
In 2015, we helped the Society of Missionaries to Africa (SMA) build a vocational school in Kenya. The purpose of this new program is to fill a critical gap in the educational needs of local children. Without it, students graduating from the local Catholic primary school have no realistic means of continuing their education and are at high risk of ending up destitute and wandering the streets. But at the 400-student-capacity SMA Fathers’ Vocational & Technical College, they can learn practical trades — such as mechanics and carpentry — that can lead to employment, even without a high school diploma. Classes began in 2016 with an enrollment of 50 students.


By supporting Catholic education, we are raising up an empowered, God-honoring generation, equipping them to escape the cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for generations.  These educated children and young adults can provide for themselves with dignity. The process begins with reading, writing and arithmetic — basic academic skills. Many poor children would never obtain an education without outside help, so we remain committed to promoting and funding Catholic education on their behalf. 

In 2015, Cross Catholic Outreach supported scores of education projects in more than a dozen countries. Among them was an outreach of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary in the Philippines to help students from a former leper colony receive vocational training. Also, in Kenya, we funded the construction of the 400-student-capacity SMA Fathers’ Vocational & Technical College for disadvantaged youth.

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