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Farm Animals for Poor Women - Project 0543 - Ethiopia
Our ImpactCross Catholic Outreach supports a project of the Daughters of Charity aimed at improving the economic condition of widowed and single Ethiopian mothers living in poverty. The women receive farm animals along with the training to raise them for income, while also being educated in health issues, gender issues and HIV awareness. In 2015, donations to Cross Catholic Outreach allowed us to provide a total of 150 sheep/goats and 550 chickens to 85 women so they could breed them for food and sale. The resulting bump in income has been a great blessing to these families.

Microloan and microenterprise programs have proven to be extremely effective ways to lift families out of poverty through self-sufficiency. By giving a subsistence-level farmer seeds to plant and animals to raise, or providing a poor widow a microloan for a small, home-based business, we are able to give them the capital they need to reach their potential. By overcoming their difficult circumstances and taking charge of their future, these men and women also regain their lost dignity. They enjoy stability and peace of mind as they provide for their families and have a positive impact on their local economy. 

For example, in 2015 we partnered with the Daughters of Charity in Ethiopia to provide single and widowed mothers with income-generating farm animals — sheep, goats or chickens. A similar program at the Kobonal Haiti Mission distributed animals and offered free vaccinations and veterinary services. 

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