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Create-A-Box Online

Create-A-Box Online

“Create-a-Box Online” is a program designed for a “Family on the Run” who wants to participate, but is unable to shop and pack boxes themselves. It is an opportunity to help a child overseas and conveniently allows you to “Pack and Pay” online. Simply select a gender and age group pay for the gifts and shipment of the box, and we’ll do the rest! Our team will receive your order, pack the Box of Joy with items such as; toys, school supplies, candy, creative activity items, hygiene items and clothing, and then we will ship it on your behalf.


Boxes for Boys

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BOY - AGES 2-4:
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Boxes for Girls

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GIRL - AGES 2-4:
GIRL - AGES 5-9:
GIRL - AGES 10-14:

The cost per Create A Box Online is $25 per box, plus $9 shipping. (A total of $34 per Create A Box). In addition to covering the shipping and handling of your Box of Joy from the Drop-off Center to destination country, a portion of the $9 contribution supports the Catholic ministries serving in the child’s community, enabling them to have a greater impact on the lives of the poor.

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All donations will be used for the Box of Joy program. If more donations are received than needed for the current Box of Joy program, the excess funds will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry

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