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After months of clinical trials, the Philippines just launched the world’s first dengue fever vaccination program, making it the first country where the vaccine is commercially available. The country’s Department of Health will vaccinate a million nine-year-olds in an effort to reduce its world-leading infection rate of 200,415 cases in the past three years.  Click here for the story.

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact

For over a decade, Cross Catholic Outreach and its mission partners in the Philippines have worked to provide medical care for impoverished communities in Manila, Cebu Island and rural mountain areas. With a Christ-centered approach, we’ve set up health clinics and met urgent medical needs in remote areas by providing free transportation and medicines at reduced rates. Alleviating physical suffering serves as a tangible expression of Christ’s love and has a profound spiritual impact. It brings joy and relief and frees people to finally focus on living, not merely surviving. Learn more about our work in the Philippines here

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