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Haiti is still grappling with a pernicious cholera epidemic nearly five years after the disease’s first appearance following the devastating earthquake in 2010. Cases spiked to almost 1,000 per week in fall 2015, which prompted the World Health Organization to announce a sweeping two-pronged approach – involving vaccines and water chlorination – to attack the epidemic head-on Click here for the news story 

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact

Cross Catholic Outreach is actively involved in clean water initiatives throughout Haiti. We work with our Catholic ministry partners to help provide safe, clean, uncontaminated wells and water systems to poor communities. We also fund critically needed latrines, septic systems, bathing facilities and community training in sanitation and hygiene. And the results of this Catholic outreach are very promising. Families no longer are forced to gather water from contaminated sources. Children no longer miss school because they are ill from water-borne diseases. The elderly – who are most vulnerable to sanitation-related illness – no longer get sick from quenching their thirst with polluted water.

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