Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


Sub-Saharan Africa is facing its worst drought in decades, prompting the United States to donate $127 million in aid for the hardest-hit countries. The drought is also a health crisis, officials say, as one-third of the world’s HIV-infection population lives in the region and require food to adhere to antiretroviral treatment. Click here for the story.

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact

Cross Catholic Outreach has teamed up with local humanitarian aid partners in developing nations, so we can empower Catholic ministries around the world to provide desperately needed food where it is needed most.

In Zambia, Cross provides daily meals for 180 physically disabled children at a Catholic boarding school. Parishes and organizations in also rely on donations to Cross’s General Shipping Fund, which sends pallets of food, nutritional supplements and other supplies to alleviate the suffering of the poorest of the poor. Donated goods account for a large portion of the material aid Cross Catholic Outreach provides. By obtaining these gifts, we are able to supply many more goods than our mission partners could ever purchase locally at the same cost. 

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