Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


Kenya is one of several East African countries experiencing a severe drought, which has led to widespread famine, according to the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group. And across the region, millions more are at risk. Click here for the news story

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact
Cross Catholic Outreach is now working with Christ-centered relief organizations to deliver lifesaving food to our Catholic ministry partners in Kenya. We believe our loving God wants every person he created to have enough to eat, and he calls on us to feed the hungry. Cross Catholic Outreach answers his call in several ways. We ship nutrient-packed Vitafood to ministry partners serving malnourished children. We also provide funds for ministry partners to purchase local food so they can cook meals for the elderly or the chronically ill. Regardless of how the lifesaving food is delivered, it comes with a generous portion of the soul-saving Bread of Life. Send aid now

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