Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


Africa imports $35 billion in food each year, but the continent itself is rich with natural resources. Modern farming innovations could help countries like Ghana to unearth their agricultural potential. However, a lack of investment threatens to keep that potential buried beneath the soil. Enter Jerry Parkes – an Ivy League grad and former investment banker, looking to sow big seeds and breathe new life into Ghana’s farming industry. Click here for the story.

How Cross Catholic Outreach is making an impact
Cross Catholic exists to help struggling communities attain their God-given potential. Our goal is not to provide quick fixes, which only last until the next meal. Rather, we partner with Catholics around the world to provide long-term, sustainable solutions intended to break the cycle of poverty. By funding projects in agriculture and microfinance, our partners enable the poor to earn a living, feed their children and establish a sense of independence. We empower Catholic leaders, who donate their time and talents to effect lasting change – transforming desolate lands into regions of growth and life.

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