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Sacred Mercy School Scholarships


It’s that time of year again! School will soon be back in session, and we want to ensure that no child – regardless of his or her financial position – is left behind.  You can help us achieve that ambitious goal by funding a student scholarship for just $110!  Your gift will provide a child with a strong Catholic education and daily meals for a year.

This special campaign is a tremendous blessing for poor children living communities in rural Kenya.  Without the help, they would never be able to attend school, much less benefit from the solid Catholic education our Sacred Mercy Schools provide. By donating toward this campaign, you will create a school scholarship for a needy child, forever changing his or her life by opening doors of opportunity and imparting a new sense of hope.
Sacred Mercy Schools 

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250 School Scholarships:

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To honor the gift that you’ve given, you will receive a certificate commemorating the creation of your family’s scholarship and signifying the life your gift has helped transform. The certificate is our way of saying thank you for intervening in the life of a child struggling in poverty. It is a symbol of the power of Christian charity and a reminder of the good our Church can accomplish in the world in Christ’s name and for His glory!

Cross Ministry Partner: Sacred Mercy Schools

Our educational program provides scholarships to Sacred Mercy Schools.  These schools are solid Catholic institutions certified by our ministry and monitored by our International Project Officers to ensure their quality and effectiveness.

In Kenya, the Sacred Mercy Schools are located in the thick of abject poverty, where children beg on the streets and where a generation of parents has been virtually wiped out by AIDS. This is work done “in the trenches” where hunger, illiteracy and despair must be battled by the Catholic Church for hope to prevail.

Sacred Mercy Schools provide impoverished children with a basic education; spiritual formation and nutritious daily meals. This combination of services represents a powerful key to escape the poverty that oppresses Kenyan families – and has for generations.

Please be blessed in knowing that when you create a scholarship, you also open doors to a better future for a child in need. Thank you for your compassion!

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