Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

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When day-to-day survival is so difficult, you see, it’s so easy to turn to false religions or fall into despair.

We are concerned with helping children and families learn about – and find hope and strength – in Christ and in our Catholic faith. That’s why as we lift up the poor by helping them with their material needs, Cross Catholic Outreach is also committed to sharing the light and hope of Christ with them. We do this by working with churches and ministries on the ground to distribute crosses and prayer bracelets to help spread His glory to those in need.

By doing so, a child will praise God for what may be the only gift they have ever received. And all of us at Cross Catholic Outreach join in thanking the Lord for the partnership and care from donors.

Together, we can continue to serve the world’s most desperate families. We can provide them the encouragement, support, love, and resources they need to not only survive… but thrive in the hands of God.

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